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What is life? Why have we been sent to this earthly abode? Is our life just meant for materialistic accomplishment? Is the purpose of life limited to only this much or is there something beyond which makes us truly happy? But then What is happiness or sadness? Why do we sometimes feel happy or sad? What is the true cause of our physical and psychological ailments? What is the objective of life if it has to end? Why does nobody escape death?

If life is a fleeting journey why have we been given a role of a child, a parent, a teacher or a spouse? Are we able to fulfill our responsibilities properly? Are we able to cope up with the circumstances, which arise in these relations without any complaints? Why are we destined to be separated from our loved ones?

Is there a cosmic connection between the nature of work we do and us? Do we know the ways to handle the difficulties we face at our work place?

Are our lives interwoven with each other in such a manner that there is a higher purpose unknown to us in our crossing paths with each other?

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Due to the changing circumstances and confusions, which had arisen because of the dogmas laid by the rigidity of various prevalent religion, came into existence many ideologies which gradually distilled into a variety of philosophy. And the purpose of philosophy has always been to evoke the belief system of the follower rather than imposing a set rule without acceptance.

A religion is born when its promoters take clues from various ideologies and molded into a very rigid inflexible belief system, which compels its followers to abide by a pre decided set of rules with or without acceptance. Due to this anomaly the definition of religion gradually dissipated into a form, which dissuaded it from the very objective with which its protagonist conceptualize it. This happened with almost every religion without having to name any.

A religion is always exclusive while philosophy is inclusive. Hence one finds it liberating in contrast to religion which one may find restrictive.

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The faith and practice, which helps us awaken to the purpose and lead a fulfilling life, is called philosophy. Philosophy should actually  leads people to happiness and give hope when we are hopeless, courage when we are fearful and patience and wisdom to win in our day-to-day challenges.

Philosophy should teach us forgiveness, appreciation and gratitude towards others, which helps us to fill the rifts from our hearts and remove despair.

Philosophy should enable us to become the person who embraces people as they are, in spite of different culture and ideology and also help them to become happy.


The real purpose of any philosophy is to serve humanity.

Life is precious. There is definitely a purpose of life behind our being born as a human being, which we ourselves have to find.

The teachings of a philosophy empower people. It helps us to grow as a capable individual filled with inner strength and wisdom to deal with life’s situations positively and steer our everyday life towards the right direction.

It helps us to respect our own lives as well as the lives of others. It has the capacity to make every individual to actualize his unique potential, which enables him to overcome his weakness and eradicate darkness from his life.

Thus, the practice of any philosophy is a process of personal transformation, which refers to moving our lives from lesser self to greater self, from self to selfless. Philosophy does not serve its principle, but it serves people.

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