The Oasis- Part 5 “The Conversation”

They got so indulged in this deep conversation that many people had gathered around them and they didn’t even notice. They all sat on the floor, joining their hands, humbled by this deep spiritual conversation. As Harshvardhan and Sulochana noticed this, they started to get up with pleasant smiles on their faces but few people from the audience came forward and said, “Hey Rajan! We had always heard stories of your bravery and justice. Little did we know that our king and queen are also such divine human beings with such great wisdom and spirituality! We don’t want to invade your privacy but could we request you to let us witness this beautiful conversation. We are sure that these pearls of wisdom are going to give a new direction to the life of each one of us.

The king and queen were overwhelmed by this innocent request and the conversation continued. An old and ill man got up and asked the king, “Hey Rajan! I have never done any wrong to anyone in my life. Despite this I have been having health issues one after the other since my young age. How would you explain this?”

Harshvardhan smiled and pointed towards Sulochana and said, “I think the queen has a good explanation for this.” Sulochana answered, “Our circumstances and agony in this birth don’t depend only on the causes created by us in this birth but just like the accountant keeps our account and carries it forward, the past causes of the previous birth also affect our present life. So I would ask all of you to keep record of your actions and try to accumulate as good karma as possible to help improve your life condition not just in this birth but also in the next one. Our thoughts, words and deeds accumulate as karma. The good karma manifests as happiness in life and bad one into misery and misfortune. Knowingly or unknowingly, this decides our destiny. As in your case though you did not do anything bad to anyone knowingly but many times you might had have had thoughts or actions inadvertently and they translated into your illness and diseases.”

All the people sitting there were really amazed to listen to this intellectual answer with a different perspective and they were more than pleased to know that their queen also had such a great wisdom as their king.The old man continued with another question, “ Hey Ranima! Then do you mean to say that there is another life after death and we have to take our karma with us what we have earned in this birth to the next birth?” Queen replied, “ Yes definitely, for example if you deposit money in your bank today. It is going to be yours even if you do not withdraw it. You don’t have to go bank to claim it daily. Life is also like debit and credit and there can be no error in the maintenance of the account. Whatever good karma you have acquired, it is like your asset and will help you overcome your suffering in your bad times. You will have to pay for your bad deeds by facing illness, agony, pain and misery. So if you want to attain happiness and good fortune in life you should focus on creating good cause as much as possible. Because fortune could be earned only by your good deeds but misfortune can sometimes be earned unknowingly by inadvertently hurting people, by missing an opportunity to do good deeds or misbehaving with your fellow-beings.”

She continued, “We get a new day every day to live but by default it is impacted by the causes that you created the previous day. The karma is not just connected to the body but soul. As we change clothes frequently, our soul also gets new clothes to wear in every new birth. But it cannot get rid of the bad karma of previous birth and it cannot be deprived of good karma. “

Another young woman stood up and asked them, “Does the karma accumulated by me also affect the destiny of my children?” The queen and the king were pleased to be posed such intellectual question. The king said, “Yes! As a family we are not just bound with each other only physically but also through our karma. One bad deed of a parent may bring agony for the children and vice versa. So we must be very cautious before taking any action that it’s not going to affect only us but our children and parents too. Hence your suffering in this birth may not be just a resultant of your karma but also of the deeds of your parents of this and previous birth. That is the reason that the role of mother in the family becomes more important than anyone else as she has to ascertain inculcating good values in her children to improve their life. As the sun rises at dawn and engulfs all the darkness within a second so is a mother who illuminates the lives of her children and help them find their right path.”

This conversation provoked everybody’s mind so much that even the children sitting there started enjoying it and were keenly listening. A small girl stood up on her place and bowed in front of king and asked, “How do small children create good karma?” Sulochana was taken aback by this mature query at such a tender age. She got up, caressed the cheeks of the sweet innocent girl and lifting her in her arms. She continued her answer, “O little princess! (she called her affectionately) such a good question already tells that you are blessed with good values which have made you intellectually inquisitive that means you could achieve more even with small efforts. As every individual, be it a child or an elder, is a separate entity in himself. Even your destiny will be impacted as per your actions in the previous birth which will gradually unfold in your life as you grow but as there is no way to clearly know the account of your previous birth what you will have to focus is to try to create a good account in this birth.”

The queen smiled and said, “Children should be given easy tasks that they can master quickly. I’m going to teach you a sutra The Lotus Sutra ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’. If you chant this sutra every day with faith and commitment you will see not only your life transforming beautifully but also of the entire family. Just imagine if you inspire all the people of your family to chant with you, you will see yet stronger transformation in the life of all family members. The heart of a child is pure and refined without any tinge of bad feelings so within few days you will notice your capability and capacity to do good things reaching a new dimension. I would ask you to stay back after this conversation so I can teach you the correct way of chanting. The small girl got very enthusiastic and sat beside the queen as if she was very eager to learn after the meet.

They were overwhelmed to know that they were going to learn a new way of life today. They have previously also heard stories of this spiritual transformation of their king and queen, which had guided their kingdom to a new level of peace and prosperity. They all used to wonder what could have been the secret of this and they were very excited to unravel this secret today using which they will also be able to harness its potential for the betterment of their lives. This meeting of theirs as the king and queen knew no formalities and no restrictions. They were asking them questions as comfortably as a child could ask his parent.

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