The Oasis- Part 20- “The Mission begins”


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Drishti smiled and asked Sulochana, “Rani Maa! Does that mean that we will also be able to introduce more people to Buddhism as you did to us? Sulochana, affectionally patting on Drishti’s face said, “Yes my child! you will also be able to do Shakubuku”. Drishti asked ,“What is Shakubuku? Sulochana replied, “If we keep chanting Daimoku and recite Gongyo regularly and give them to ourselves instead of sharing the key principle of this philosophy with others our practice will not be complete. This process of introducing others to Nichiren Buddhism is called Shakubuku.

Daishonin said, “Exert yourself in the two ways of practice and study. Without practice and study, there will be no Buddhism.” Practice includes practice for others. Sharing our faith and experiences that others will make them capable of doing the same benefit of the experience. Doing Shakubuku helps us accumulate good karma for several lifetimes.

It’s like sowing a seed of a tree today which will bear fruits many years later and there’s still a possibility that the person who is sowing it may never get to eat them but still he does it. As he knows that seeds of the trees whose fruits he is eating today were not sown by him but someone else. How selfless is that! How comforting!

Drishti and Sunaina were listening very keenly to what Sulochana was explaining to them. Looking at their willingness to learn, Sulochana was affirmed of her right decision to choose both of them for this righteous cause. She was thinking inside that how in life we become judgemental and start grading the people according to their caste, colour of the skin, financial status and looks.

Whereas a true beauty of a human being lies deep inside under the skin. In his deeds, his attitude and his selflessness and to affirm her of her belief. She had Sunaina as a living example in front of her. In a very short duration she had developed a strong affinity for both of them. As of now she was content that she had chosen right people to carry the torch of wisdom forward, hence fulfilling her commitment of Shakubuku.

Days passed by, and then weeks,  and then monthsDrishti and Sunaina gained so much knowledge with their dedication and perseverance along with the kind guidance of their Rani Maa Sulochana. On the other hand, Sulochana was overwhelmed with their sincerity and devotion to this noble cause. Deep in her heart she thanked the day their destiny took them to this ‘Oasis’. The effect of that cause was now manifesting itself into a beautiful journey which was just about to start. This way, she was happy that she would be able to fulfil the promise given to the priest that the light must spread.

They say that if you have the will to do something the law of serendipity will unfold the ways to do it in its own mystical methods. It gradually became a daily routine of three of them to sit and chant together and both the learners Drishti and Sunaina would ask many questions based on the learning they would acquire, reading the ancient writings and Scriptures all the day after they meet with the Queen. The atmosphere of the prayer hall was so ambient that all of them wanted to spend more and more time.

The flambeau had been lit, the fire in the hearts already flaring up, ready to dissipate into new unknown realms. Nobody has ever been able to prevent the musky fragrance of wisteria flowers from spreading as it is its very nature to unleash its boundaries and reach even where nothing and no one can. Furthermore, the taller the pine tree the longer the wisteria vines hanging from it hence spreading more fragrance. So is the very nature of light, to spread and enlighten every corner. And such is the destiny of knowledge, to enlighten every mind filled with darkness and ignorance and replace it with wisdom, courage and compassion. If any form of knowledge is not able to do this, it’s not serving its purpose. And so is the purpose of Nichiren Buddhism, to enlighten every mind and fill it with compassion, faceting a human into a brilliant diamond whose glitter can not be ignored.

Some people say that how can you identify a Bodhisattva of the earth and tell us apart from an ordinary human being. The answer is that the happiness he has accumulated in his mind, the compassion he has started reflecting once he starts the chanting of The Lotus Sutra with faith, the courage he shows in selflessly helping even those whom he is not even acquainted with, and utmost wisdom and clarity in the decisions he takes towards the betterment of his own life and lives of the people around him never goes unnoticed. A Bodhisattva can never be ignored, he attracts your attention as soon as you see him. All these features and qualities are inherent in each of us. The need is to unravel them , and they had been evidently unraveled in Sunaina and Drishti.

the lotus blooms
the lotus blooms

After few months the time to bid adieu to each other arrived. The newly found bodhisattvas of the earth were completely ready to carry the torch of wisdom accomplished so far and spread the light. Though their journey wasn’t over as yet but would continue on a different path from then onwards.They set off for their journey with the new hope not only for themselves but for the welfare of many others who would have otherwise spent their whole life in ignorance, frustration and gloom due to the lack of knowledge of correct path.

This journey of life actually never gets over. It continues. It never did for Buddha himself. It never did for Daishonin. It just continued. And so it will for all of us. There’s never a completion or accomplishment. One can never say at any point that the struggle is over and he doesn’t need any more of it. The need for knowledge and wisdom will always be there and so the thirst. It’s an endless ocean. No matter how hard we try, we would only be able to take few drops. The oceans will remain where they are.

If you think that your life is a desert, lacking hope and courage, don’t forget that no matter how dense a desert is, however lonely you may feel, never lose hope! Your hope is your guiding star which will show you the lost path and bring you back and not let you lose sight of your goal, no matter how dark it is, no matter how impossible it looks in the beginning. Continue your journey as they say, “There is light at the end of the tunnel and every cloud has a silver lining. There will be an Oasis in your journey sooner or later that is going to change your perspective towards your life but the Oasis will never come walking to you you will have to keep walking. So keep walking till you find your Oasis!

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