The Oasis- Part 18- “Kōsen-Rufu”

kosen rufu

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Sulochana told them that such discussions and learnings will be a part of their daily practice and the same could be enhanced by their regular reading of the Scriptures they were about to be introduced to in the library. She took them into the library. This library was no less than the main prayer hall in terms of ambience and grandeur. There were heaps of books based on Buddhism and other life enriching subjects.

It wasn’t a room, it was the pearl inside the shell of an oyster. It was filled with nice fragrance of light aromatic Tibetan incense sticks. On one left side of the door, there was a wooden cladding on the wall with a small niche in the middle with a gong placed in it, which is usually played while reciting the Gongyo.

The rest of the part of this wall was covered with stone with intricate light blue inlay work of some precious stone. On the adjoining wall, a beautiful artefact made with small pieces of coloured glass depicting the scene of Buddha’s Nirvana was hanging. It was rendering a strong vibrance to the room and adding to its vibes. The eyes of Buddha in this artwork were half ajar, lost in the oblivion with a lucidity which he must have had immediately after the attainment of Nirvana, content and sublime in its own way!

There was a huge window on the wall opposite the main entrance through which sun seemed to be peeping in, showering its rays. Repeated gusts of wind were carrying sweet fragrance of exotic blossoms blooming outside the window which had been brought from all parts of the country, adding to the aroma of the Tibetan incense sticks. There were lovely water hyacinths which looked like peacock feathers, a variety of gardenia spreading their sweet aroma everywhere, plants of plumeria laden with bunches of frangipanis in their full bloom and many others.

In a huge copper pot were planted the beautiful flowers called Birds of Paradise, which resembled the hands of the Buddha’s hands in Dhyan Mudra, with its pod opening up to form a slit through which colourful blue and orange leaves were peeping out. Having spent their life so far in  a desert where any sight other than a grove of cacti or spiky pods of aloe vera plants would feel like a dream, the mesmerising sight of such exotic plants and flowers left them spellbound. Their hamlet was like an oasis for Sulochana and Harshvardhan, and this lavish palace as theirs. It’s mystic that how the definitions change as per one’s perspective. Two different extremes, two different oases.

On the other side, there was a small grove of bamboos, inclining towards these flowers just like the bodhi tree must have given shelter to the Buddha. It looked as if each and every flower was ready to welcome them with open arms. They say that plants are a reflection of the ambience of their surroundings and the aura of the people who tend them. And the saying seemed to be absolutely true, looking at the warm and affectionate behaviour of the King and the Queen and the whole family.

On the right side of the room, there were bookshelves adorned with the treasure of books, scriptures and a huge collection of manuscripts of the various Buddhist scholars from various parts of the world. The treasure was all at one’s disposal and the only thing required was a dedicated learner who was willing to convert all this provided information to knowledge. This knowledge was going to be the fuel required to light the fire of the flambeau they were supposed to carry.

The flambeau called ‘kosen rufu’. Kosen Rufu which literally translates to ‘declare and widely spread the teachings of the Buddha to realise the vision of a peaceful society‘, is not a finite goal. It will flow on till eternity without stopping till the time there is no darkness left in the universe. It is not a destination but a journey itself, a process of Buddhism to life within society. Kosen Rufu is not just about spreading Buddhist idea but to encourage one and all to transform his karma through Daishonin’s teachings. All the people who become a part of it have been called them ‘Bodhisattva of the Earth’. Each one of us has the capacity to be a one and Daishonin inspires all of us to be a one.

Educating oneself was the desire, spreading to the others who needed it, the mission. And this was not going to be easy. It was never easy for Buddha nor Daishonin too. But they did it and Sulochana was sure that Drishti and Sunaina will also be able to do it. For oneself it’s like an awakening to help others join in, a mission. The truth will ultimately spread like the fragrance of these flowers if the windows are let open. Here, the windows of their minds had to be open.

Sulochana, due to her optimism and strong faith could sense the commencement of a big revolution which was about to happen soon. They say that when light passes through a prism, it then only identifies its colourful shades. These resources of knowledge created by their mentors were just like this prism, traversing through which will ensure identifying the true colours, hidden so far.

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