The Oasis- Part 16 “Oneness of Life and Environment”


She asked them to follow her and to chant with her. Sulochana started chanting with folded hands, eyes open and deeply focused on the ‘Myo’ of the Gohonzon. Her chanting was vigorous and intense and Drishti and Sunaina could now understand the true meaning of ‘the galloping horse into the heaven’. After 10 chants Sulochana stopped and guided them the exact pronunciation of the letters and asked them to repeat several times. In few moments all three were chanting together.

Meanwhile Diksha also came and started chanting with them energetically. She was full of verve. Within few moments, the atmosphere became charged with their resonating chants. There was no room for negativity and what one could feel was absolute joy.

Before calling it a day Sulochana said to them, “Having transformed your own life by this great mantra it will be selfish of us to contain it in ourselves. We must propagate it to all the other people around us to help them transform too and help them escape this maelstrom they are currently trapped in.


Even if each of us encouraged just one person and likewise he would encourage another person, it would convert into a whole revolution which is called as ‘Kosen Rufu’ about which you are going to learn later as we advance further with our practice. Kosen Rufu will bring peace and harmony to the whole world. Daishonin himself himself said, “At first only Nichiren chanted Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, but then two, three and a hundred followed, chanting and teaching others. Propagation will unfold this way in the future as well.”


It started raining outside and the rain drops were falling on the petals of the lotus in the pond outside the hall. It was a new beginning carrying rays of hope for a future. After the chanting was over Drishti and Sunaina were sent to a small excursion to the town. The day ended with them returning to their rooms with hope of a new life ahead.


Drishti and Sunaina were lying on the bed elated with the experience of today, a deep resounding of chant still reverberating on their mind, their eyes ajar, many questions were floating in their thoughts. Drishti while gazing at the ceiling could see the image of the Gohonzon which had got permanently imprinted on her mind. Sunaina had the same feeling. Both of them were not able to understand that what was so attractive about it that whenever they close their eyes it would appear in front of them. The language was not a barrier, nor they understood its true meaning but still there was something very charismatic. It must have been the power of the lotus sutra which their Rani Maa had told them about. Thinking of the possible experience of the next day and many questions in their minds they fell asleep.


Tonight, slumber was not going to be normal like it had been any other day. It was going to be a sound one, the most peaceful one they had ever had. Just like an infant, sleeping carelessly in the lap of his mother, oblivious to the worries and negativities the life has to offer. It was their new birth today.

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Next day their eyes opened with the rays of sun falling into their eyes. They were amazed at how quickly the night had passed. Both of them felt very rejuvenated due to the deep sleep they had last night. Both of them got ready, finished their daily chores and set off for the meditation place. They found their Rani Maa already sitting there, waiting for them. She hugged both of them and together they sat in front of the Gohonzon. Sulochana asked both of them, “So my children! How was your day yesterday? Would you like to share your experiences with me?” Sunaina shared her experience with Sulochana and told her about her changed view of herself and how she had started feeling that she was not as ugly as the people thought she was. Sulochana smiled at her amazement because she already knew the reason behind it. She said to her, “ Sunaina! You both are entering a new realm of life, leaving behind many negativities. Daishonin proposed the theory of ‘Oneness of life and its environment’. Environment being the ten directions and the life, the living beings which are us. Seemingly, both of them may seem to be different but they have strong influence on each other. This influence is so intense that one cannot be separated from the other just like the body and the shadow. One ceases to exist in the absence of the other.


This principle tells us that instead of being at the mercy of our ever-changing environment we must take charge and try to change the environment as we possess the power to influence our environment. This makes us invulnerably happy in such a manner that the same happiness echoes in our environment outside us. It is an injustice to put the allegation on things outside, other people and circumstances beyond control whereas the seed of this problem is embedded deep inside ourselves. To understand in simple language, someone rightly said, “If you want to see the change, be the change. You have started to observe the change in your perspective towards yourself and you will soon witness the transformation in how the world sees you. You will amazed to see that it’ll be just the contrary to how it has been. The truth actually is that the world found you unattractive because you yourself thought that you were. You weren’t able to recognise your own beauty so how can you blame the world to have considered you that ways”

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Just like living beings have the potential to dwell in any of the ten worlds, the environment around us possesses the same. So whatever condition we bring in our lives, same shall be replicated in our environment. We may bring sorrows and sufferings if our basic tendency is towards hell whereas if our state is of Bodhisattva, we will find protection and support of the world around us. All the practice of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, including chanting of Gongyo and Daimoku, with the teachings of Daishonin help you transform your life from hell to Bodhisattva by increasing our faith.

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