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The Oasis- Part 13 “The Lotus Sutra”

Night View

They knew that they were going to face challenges also but at the same time they were assured of their ability to do so easily with such a supportive mother like queen and her guidance. They directly went to the meditation hall. It was a beautiful morning and it was drizzling. colourful peacocks were dancing in the garden raindrops falling and depositing on the petals of beautiful lotuses floating in the pond nearby. In the centre, there was a huge Pipal tree which possibly resembled the Bodhi tree under which Buddha meditated and experienced Nirvana. Its shade looked very comforting as if it were offering shelter to the people from the brunt of harsh sun when it was sunny and hot. Trees are truly like parents. They themselves stand in the sun just to provide shelter to their children, undemanding and selfless.

They reached the meditation hall where the queen was already waiting for them. Contrary to her otherwise ornamented look, she was draped in a very simple attire made of linen. She looked very pretty and poised. Both of them touched her feet and she filled them in her arms like a mother and embracing them she took them inside the hall and said, “Welcome to a new life my children! Welcome to this wonderful journey of mentor and disciple!”

Drishti requested Sulochana if the door of the mysterious looking altar could now be opened for them to have a look inside. She said,”Can we now have a look inside this altar? I am very eager to see the idol of the god we are going to worship.”The Queen smiled and told them that it was called a Butsudan and opened its door. Both of them were surprised to see that there was no statue inside but just a painting in which some text in some unknown language was inscribed. Sunaina and Drishti burst with questions and asked Sulochana what was that written on the paper which did not look like Hindi. What language is this? What is its meaning? Why isn’t there any idol of god inside?

The Queen smiled and she found the question obvious since she also had the same question in her mind when she was introduced to all this for the first time. The Queen replied, “Our practice is called Nichiren Buddhism which owes its Inception to Nichiren Daishonin Who conceptualised it in 13th century after studying various Buddhist sutras he reached to the conclusion that the Lotus Sutra contains the ultimate truth which had the potential to awaken every individual to his buddhahood without a single exception. He distilled all the 28 chapters of Lotus sutra to a small sutra which was the Chinese translation of Saddharma Pundrika Sutra in Sanskrit.

Daishonin was a Japanese by nationality and in Japanese language this sutra was ‘Myoho Renge Kyo’. To this, Nichiren added ‘Nam’ to make it ‘Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo’. This sutra now known as Daimoku, is the one we will be chanting for the rest of our life. Before imparting it to other people you will start feeling the power of Daimoku. You will see the transformation in yourself with each passing day, be it your health, mental state, your financial state or your feeling of well being. It is going to change everything for better and the changes will be gradual but clearly visible.

Daishonin described Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo as the soul and the eye of all the sutras. As far as the meaning is concerned Nam is derived from the Sanskrit word Namu or Namas which means to devote one’s life. Myo ho is the mystic nature of life and ho to its manifestation. Myo and ho corresponds to life and death respectively. Renge means the Lotus flower which has a unique attribute of blooming and producing seeds simultaneously. Hence representing the coexistence of cause and effect and explains that if we change ourselves, our destiny shall change too. Kyo means Sutra or teaching by the Buddha. This means when our voices resonate while chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo together, it stimulates buddha nature within us and others in our environment.

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